About Viswa

Founded in 1991, The Viswa Group is dedicated to ensuring and enabling the highest quality of energy and emission reduction solutions and tools for the marine industry. We are a value-driven organization which believes in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Each of the solutions we offer carries our trademark of experience and innovation combined with the highest level of integrity and concern for our customers.

Viswa Scrubbers™️ was created to meet and exceed the needs of our customers as an economical and efficient way to achieve full compliance with both current and future emission regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The Viswa H-Scrubber™ was developed by some of the brightest minds in the industry with over 100 years of combined experience. Incorporating Viswa’s vast experience in the marine industry we present our innovative design, which is modular, flexible and customizable for each vessel according to its needs. Backed by results and driven by performance, we invite you to experience our next generation solutions with the highest quality products and services that suit the needs of the customer in maritime applications around the world.

Our Team

Viswa is an excellent example of what can be accomplished through enterprise and diligence. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit combined with highly educated professionals, Viswa has developed innovative solutions and turned them into viable, economic and environmental assets for the international maritime industry.

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Our Founder

Dr. Vis, also known as the “Bunker Guru”, has a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering, a Masters in Internal Combustion Engineering and a Bachelors in Marine Engineering. Dr. Vis, as a Marine Engineer sailing on ships and during his work at ABS, got to experience firsthand the problems caused by poor quality fuels on ships. This led him to pursue his lifelong vision of Viswa Lab, ensuring and enabling the highest quality energy solutions for the Marine Industry. Dr. Vis is on the Roster of Experts of International Maritime Organization (IMO). He is a consultant to the Department of Transportation (Maritime Administration-Federal Govt. of USA) and a member of CIMAC heavy fuels and ASTM D2 Committees. Dr. Vis’s vision has led to Viswa Group being what it is now. Viswa Group consists of Viswa Lab, Viswa Scrubbers, VEEMS and VTIC.