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On 1.1.2020, the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) laws, ships will be required to reduce Sulphur Oxide (SOx) emissions around the world. Impacted areas are referred to as Emission Control Areas (ECA), or Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA). From 2015, the allowable Sulphur Oxide Emission in these areas cannot exceed 0.1%. In October of 2016, the IMO tightened emissions further; the effective date for the reduction of marine fuel Sulphur will be 01.1.2020. Under the new global cap, ships will have to use marine fuels with a sulphur content of no more than 0.5% against the current limit of 3.5% in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Feasibility studies have shown that there is sufficient supply of required fuel oil and suitable exhaust gas cleaning technologies to help all vessels comply with the global legislation. Installing a Viswa Scrubber will make your fleet both ECA and 2020 compliant.


Maker Viswa H-Scrubber™ Vertical Scrubbers
Design Options Standard, Top Stack, Side Stack - Customizable to vessel space. 1/2 Designs - Not much customizing possible.
Material High Quality 6MOLY and SS grade materials. Varies. New entrants into market using lower quality materials.
Installation Cost Simple skid-based installation. Installation cost about 40-60% of scrubber price. Complex installation. Installation cost 80% to 120% of scrubber price.
Installation Time Completed install in about 2 weeks with just 5-7 days of Engine immobilization time. Shortest Installation time is 4 weeks with most installations taking 6-8 weeks.
Dry Dock Not needed or minimal. Extended Dry Dock time and cost.
Ease of Installation Skid mounted install. 4 connections - Exhaust In, Exhaust out, Water in, Water out. Funnel has to be cut and removed. Pipes have to be modified. Complicated
Maintenance Scrubber located on deck. Two large manholes to access scrubber internals. Easy to maintain. Scrubber located inside funnel. Difficult to access. Difficult to maintain.
Control System IoT based control system with mimic control. Can be accessed by tablet/phone/other devices. Standard control systems
System Monitoring Scrubber provided with VEEMS system which give remote monitoring access to shore staff. Few vendors provide remote monitoring
Modular System Scrubber can be disconnected and moved to another vessel. Scrubber cannot be moved

Energy Management Plan

The need for the shipping industry to create sustainable business practices and manage energy resources at all levels is evident. With more than 100 years of experience combined in the maritime industry, Viswa has gained valuable knowledge in developing and incorporating energy management strategies and processes. Viswa understands that every organization is unique and has its own set of challenges. Therefore it is important to have a well-structured energy management and emission reduction plan to ensure you deliver on all of your objectives.     Learn more ⟶

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With an energy management and emission reduction plan in place, your company can embark on implementing measures to improve performance. We have an array of recommended products, services and measures for improving energy efficiency in navigation, fuel management, propulsion, trim, hull and machinery. Viswa engineers will work with you on selecting the correct applications and actions in order to realize substantial savings. We highly recommend implementing a continuous improvement cycle in which every voyage is planned and evaluated by the crew on board and by employees on shore.

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Products and services that propel your maritime energy management and emission reduction strategy.

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Each of the solutions we offer carries our trademark combination of experience combined with innovation with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

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Sulfur Cap 2020

Our perspective is simple. Continue the status quo and keep using HSFO with scrubber.

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